Brian Keith Parrish (1561)

3/28/2003: Brian Parrish reportedly committed suicide following a four-county police chase. Parrish had reportedly kidnapped his estranged wife from her work place, Money-N-Minutes, on Highway 15 in New Albany at about 8:30 a.m. When Parrish's van was spotted not long afterwards, New Albany police and Highway Patrol troopers began pursuit. At least eight agencies were involved in the pursuit by the end. Parrish reportedly fired shots at officers as the chase continued onto Highway 25 into Amory, where stop sticks flattened each tire on Parrish's vehicle. He drove on for another 1.5 miles before Lee County Sgt. Steve Stanford cornered the van in a front lawn in a residential area across from Amory High School. Stanford pulled the woman out of the van just before Parrish turned the pistol on himself.

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