Cami Janelle Beachler (11710)

7/4/2002: A Clear Creek County sheriff's deputy saw a couple outside a locker at Mountain Mini Storage and stopped to question them. Clear Creek County Sheriff Don Krueger said the deputy asked the couple if the locker was theirs. After they said it was, the deputy asked them for identification. At that point, Krueger said, the man and woman ran to a white Ford Taurus and sped away, heading east on Interstate 70. The deputy gave chase. Eventually, he was joined by another deputy and a sergeant. At the Jefferson County line, the sheriff's officers backed off and allowed state troopers to take the lead. Near the Lookout Mountain turnoff, a trooper used his car to nudge the Taurus into a spin, and it crashed into an embankment. Troopers approached the car to arrest the two people inside. Meredith pulled a gun and pointed at the troopers. Four of the officers opened fire, killing the pair.

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