Cary Thomas Meeks (13409)

8/3/2013: Cary Thomas Meeks was killed in a fiery crash during a high-speed freeway pursuit with deputies. Meeks had reportedly slashed the throat of Ricardo Guerra, 61, then carjacked John Ashton Sampson, 73, and fleeing in the vehicle with Sampson still inside. Guerra, who survived the attack, called 911. Deputies saw the vehicle near the 215 Freeway and Devore Road, and activated their emergency sirens and lights, prompting a high-speed chase. Meeks pulled over near the Palm/Kendall Avenue exit in San Bernardino and let Sampson out of the vehicle, then pulled back onto the freeway. As he approached the 215/10 Freeway interchange, Meeks reportedly drove from the far left lane of the freeway directly into a concrete bridge pillar. The vehicle burst into flames. Meeks died at the scene.

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