Charmin Bennett (6656)

2/16/2012: Charmin Bennett died after being tasered twice by deputies when he allegedly resisted arrest and tried to attack deputies with a floor fan. Deputies responded to a residential burglary report. Four people inside the residence said that Bennett "dove head first through a closed glass window" and "landed on an occupant of the home who was in bed." The son reportedly armed himself with a hatchet to protect his family until deputies arrived. Deputies tried to take Bennett into custody but he allegedly resisted and was tasered. Deputies said Bennett removed the taser probes from his abdomen and continued to actively resist arrest, using a floor fan to try to fight off deputies. At that point, the sheriff says a second deputy deployed a Taser, striking Bennett in the abdomen again. Deputies were eventually able to handcuff him, but Bennett became unconscious and went into cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead upon arrival at Prevost Hospital. The Ascension Parish coroner claimed the cause of death was "excited delirium due to acute cocaine toxicity," not the Taser.

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