Cjavar "Dee-Jay" Galmon (7079)

8/11/2012: Deputy William Phebus reportedly shot and killed Cjavar "Dee-Jay" Galmon by accident. At around 2:30 a.m., officers responded to a fight outside Club 81 (Galmon wasn't involved in the fight). Phebus and other deputies were apparently attempting to arrest someone else for illegally carrying a concealed weapon in the parking lot when Galmon was shot. "He [Galmon] was approaching the police to help them. He was telling them you've got the wrong person. You've got the wrong person. He had his hands in the air when the officer turned and shot him point blank, and he fell. When he hit the ground, he still had his hands above his head," said Galmon's family attorney Donna Grodner. Sheriff Edwards said, "We have no reason at this time to believe that this 18-year-old did anything wrong and certainly, I want to make that clear. He was unarmed. I'm not saying he violated any laws whatsoever." Galmon was pronounced dead at the scene. http://www.fox8live.com/story/19267632/family-of-teen-says-he-was-shot-and-killed-in-cold-blood

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