Dalton Smith (7869)

5/17/2013: Dalton Smith entered a home, occupied by four college students to commit a robbery. One of the students placed a 911 call to report the robbery. Numerous members of the Nassau County Police Department responded to the location. Police Officer Nikolas Budimlic was one of the first officers to arrive on the scene. As he approached the residence, Andrea Rebello’s sister ran out of the front door and indicated that an intruder was upstairs and armed with a gun. Inside the residence, Officer Budimlic was confronted by the intruder. Smith was armed with a gun and was physically restraining Andrea Rebello. Smith ignored numerous commands to drop his weapon. During the confrontation, Officer Budimlic fired eight shots at Smith, killing him. One of the bullets struck Andrea Rebello in the head, killing her. http://heavy.com/news/2013/05/andrea-rebello-kiled-by-police-dalton-smith/

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