Daniel Lynn Mittelstadt (12304)

5/16/2011: A woman called dispatch a few minutes after midnight May 16, saying that a vehicle was blocking a side road on U.S. 95 near milepost 526, and that when she'd stopped to see if the driver needed assistance, a naked man exited the car and began behaving erratically. She sped off, going home by another route, and made the call. Deputy Clint Randall responded, and when he arrived on scene, the man, Daniel Middlestadt, 56, was still in the road, nude. The man was agitated and uncooperative, at one point grabbing at Randall's safety gear and trying to fight off the deputy, at which point Randall deployed the Taser. As he was cuffing the man, Randall noticed that Middlestadt was having difficulty breathing. Randall immediately uncuffed his arrestee, the ISP report said, called for medical assistance, and applied emergency first aid, including CPR, but he died. http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2011/aug/19/man-tasered-north-idaho-died-heart-attack/

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