Dante Cespedes (8094)

7/9/2013: The officers were responding to an assault complaint lodged by his wife, Judy Breton, who previously told The Star-Ledger she and Cespedes argued in the hours before the fatal confrontation. Cespedes had been drinking the night of the incident, according to Breton, but prosecutors have not revealed the results of toxicology tests. Officers Angelo Quinn, Charles Mollineaux and Matthew Dox fired approximately 30 rounds, killing Cespedes, according to court papers. Quinn and Mollineaux each fired 14 times, while Dox fired twice, according to court papers. Cespedes was struck two dozen times, according to the claim. Officer Gary DeVito was also in the apartment, but he did not use his weapon, Belleville Police Chief Joseph Rotonda said. http://www.nj.com/essex/index.ssf/2013/09/woman_files_multi-million_dollar_suit_against_belleville_after_police_shot_husband_24_times.html

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