Debbie Boose (11662)

4/4/2001: Two officers apparently observed Esau Cade coming out of an apartment complex parking lot at a high rate of speed and began following him. Near the intersection of Ninth Avenue and Jersey Street, the two officers turned on their lights to pull over Cade. Cade refused to stop and continued north on Jersey for several blocks, rolling through a stop sign at 13th Avenue. At that point, they turned off their lights but kept following Cade. A short time later, Cade ran a red light at an intersection, striking the left rear of Debbie Boose's vehicle. Her car spun about halfway around and slammed into a light pole on the corner. Cade's car hit a curb, flipped onto its roof and ejected him. Carney said Cade was traveling at least 60 mph when his car hit Boose's vehicle.

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