Derrick Bean (5709)

12/2/2010: Derrick Bean was shot and killed by Sheriff's deputies during a four-hour standoff. Bean was holding his ex-girlfriend, Haley Wingard, hostage inside a home. Wingard was reportedly bound and Bean was holding a gun to her head when he was shot. Officials said Bean shot Wingard and then deputies shot Bean. The Sheriff's office said that negotiations failed, and the county's special ops unit felt it had no choice but to go in and try to save Wingard. With Bean pointing his 12 gauge shotgun at Wingard's head, the lead officer (point man) of the special ops unit ordered Bean to show his hands, but he didn't according to Sheriff Franklin. "It all happened simultaneously, and all the rounds were fired in about a second and a half," said Franklin. Haley's family said that video tells a different story, and that Bean shot Wingard right after he was startled by a flash bang grenade thrown into the house. Wingard's family feels the special operations unit treated the situation like a drug bust, and not a hostage situation.

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