Dervil Oribris (495)

2/18/2001: Responding to a report of a burglary in progress, a Polk County Deputy attempted to apprehend a suspect who had barricaded himself inside the bedroom of a mobile home. According to the police report, Oribris charged the deputy, armed with a .32 revolver. The two "scuffled" on the floor, and the deputy knocked the gun away. The deputy, trying to handcuff Oribris from behind, was able to get one hand handcuffed when the suspect broke free and grabbed the gun. Oribris reportedly then pointed the gun, which was cocked, at the deputy. In response, the deputy fired one shot at Oribris, who continued to point the gun at the deputy. A second shot was fired and the suspect collapsed. The autopsy showed one shot in the neck area and once in the back area. It was later determined that the gun was not loaded.

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