Edgar Romero-Arias (1317)

10/26/2002: Officer Guillermo Biascoechea and other officers were called to a loud noise complaint. When the officers approached the men, they ran away and Biascoechea chased one of them, Romero-Arias. Biascoechea yelled in English and Spanish for Romero-Arias to stop and then struggled with him at an apartment doorway, police said. At one point, Romero-Arias removed his hand from his pocket, clutching what Biascoechea said was an "oblong silver and black object," which Biascoechea believed was a weapon. Biascoechea, fearing for his safety, shot and killed Romero-Arias. http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/news/article_20971757-4ecd-57bf-99af-cdf3320ddfbe.html

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