Edward Tanner (911)

1/21/2002: Edward Tanner's body was found on his skiff after authorities chased him into the marsh between the two Pascagoula rivers. Officers spent more than 15 hours searching for Tanner, who was suspected in the shooting death of Lisa Tanner, and Jimmy Piechocki, 28 at around 8:00 PM near Three Rivers. Authorities believe Tanner was armed when he fled in a skiff on Sunday night. Investigators followed, but reportedly called off the search at one point because of fog on the water. They resumed on Monday, and Sheriff Byrd, a deputy and two Pascagoula police officers found Tanner's boat at about 12:30 PM with his body draped over the bow. http://www.wlox.com/story/630176/suspect-dies-of-drug-overdose

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