Eugene Swonger Jr. (1968)

12/19/2003: Eugene Swonger, 57, of Dover, walked into Union Hospital about 2:30 a.m. and said he was going to kill himself, said New Philadelphia Police Chief Jeff Urban and Dover Police Chief Ron Johnson. He showed a receptionist a gun, and she made a 911 call from the hospital about 90 miles northeast of Columbus. Police said Swonger then fired a shot that hit a wall. Some people were on other side of wall, but no one was hurt. New Philadelphia police Capt. Joe Skinner, who had just left the hospital, was first to respond, and witnesses said Swonger fired at him after the officer ordered him to put the gun down, Urban said. Police believe Skinner, 36, fired six shots, and Swonger fired five. Swonger was hit three or four times.

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