Gilbert Rodriguez (1322)

10/30/2002: Rodriguez fled the scene of a robbery. Sergeant Dan Misaiszek, Officer Pete Weaver and Corporal Mark Jarman surrounded Rodriguez with their patrol vehicles. Rodriguez threw a knife at the corporal, missing him. The officers shot at Rodriguez twenty times, striking him five times. Bullets from Corporal Jarman's weapon struck Rodriguez four of those five times. The officers were no-billed by a grand jury before much of this information was available. Rodriguez was schizophrenic and mildly retarded. Sergeant Dan Misiaszek, 41, had served 14 years; Corporal Mark Jarman, 40, had served 17 years; Officer Pete Weaver, 44, had served 14 years.!msg/nyc.general/R6OsYInQZ_w/p6Tlf4CmqXEJ

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