Jack Calvello (9010)

4/12/2014: Officers found a man armed with a gun and the man refused an order to drop his weapon, then pointed his gun at the officers; one of the officers then shot him. The 86-year-old gunman Calvello, who was also deaf, was pronounced dead at a hospital. Witnesses Bryan Garcia and Eric Soto were playing basketball across the street and saw the incident. '(Cops) were yelling 'Get out, get out!' and then he comes out with a gun, pointing at them. They said 'Drop it, drop it!' loud, and he doesn't, so then we heard two shots, and he falls back into the doorway," http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2603373/Cops-fatally-shoot-86-year-old-Queens-resident-shot-own.html

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