James Scharpf (14846)

2/11/2002: Trooper Lawrence P. Gleason arrived at the rural Crown Point home where Amanda Olcott was staying. Olcott had earlier called police to say her ex-boyfriend had threatened her with a knife and then left the residence. Gleason was interviewing Olcott in her kitchen when James Scharpf returned to the home and fired three or more shots from a high-powered rifle from outside the house. Despite the fact that the trooper was wearing a standard-issue bulletproof vest, the shots inflicted from the 30-30 hunting rifle caused "massive" body wounds and he was killed instantly, police said. Scharpf then went into the house and killed Olcott before killing himself with another shot. http://poststar.com/news/local/schroon-lake-trooper-killed-on-call-in-crown-point-home/article_f7d80ce2-37c3-5c6d-82c0-d5365a989b03.html

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