Jason Jermaine Cumby (4510)

11/13/2008: Cumby and Anando Robert drove away from the scene of a reported burglary in a silver Cadillac. Anderson county deputies pursued. The Cadillac, crashed into a tree in Frankston. Cumby and Robert left the vehicle. Robert was arrested. Cumby left the scene. Frankston Officer Jason Ward approached him. Cumby struck Officer Ward in the head, took his pistol, then returned to the area where the crash occurred. Constable Rick Stewart and Deputy Buzz Sides told Cumby to drop the gun. Cumby shot at them at least once. Constable Stewart fatally shot Cumby. http://www.palestineherald.com/news/local_news/police-officer-injured-suspect-killed-in-shooting/article_2b3d6a60-dd99-5358-b80f-9e0d6ade5e81.html

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