Jose Adan Cruz Ocampo (8153)

7/27/2013: The incident occurred after police were dispatched to a stabbing call. They began looking around and saw Ocampo and approached him as a possible witness, according to the Durham police. Witnesses indicated that Ocampo was waiting at the front of his residence to talk with officers about a prior altercation. As three police officers arrived, one noticed that Ocampo had a kitchen knife in his back pocket, and the officer announced to the other two officers the presence of the knife. At least two of the officers then drew their weapons, and ordered Ocampo to throw down the knife. According to witnesses, Ocampo then took the knife from his pocket by the blade and presented the handle of the knife to the officer standing in front of him. Someone nearby then yelled to Ocampo in Spanish to throw the knife down, and as he was handing the officer the handle of the knife, one of officers shot Ocampo, striking him multiple times in the chest. He died at the scene.

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