Michael Sanders (2386)

8/20/2004: On August 20, 2004, Fresno police officers responded to a call made at the Sanders’s home in southeast Fresno. The police entered the premises and found Michael Sanders, who appeared disoriented, standing unclothed and behind his wife, Lavette Sanders. The officers decided to subdue Michael Sanders by firing tasers at his naked body, although Fresno Police Department rules and other instructions require that tasers not come in contact with human skin. The officers fired numerous taser darts into Michael Sanders’s body. The officers then handcuffed Sanders, placed him face down on a gurney, which suffocated him, and then placed him in an ambulance. Sanders ultimately stopped breathing. One of the officer attempted CRP, but Michael Sanders was pronounced dead at 4:30 a.m. http://www.ecdlaw.info/outlines/4-2-08%20Sanders%20(CA)%20Order%20Granting%20City%20Def's%20MSJ.pdf

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