Palin Perez Jackson (5107)

11/25/2009: Police say a man with guns barricaded himself and four children inside a downtown Orlando house for three and a half hours Wednesday. It finally ended when police shot him dead. Police say the man walked out of the house holding one of his guns and wouldn't put it down. Eyewitness News has learned the shot suspect was a local artist. Palin was my friend and I was there at the house after his death. His back door was kicked in, glass was all over the floor and there was blood all over the floor of the front door. All of his friends suspect that the police lied during there testimony and it looks more like they busted in through the back door of his house and shot in in the back of the head when he ran for the front door. This man loved his children and family and would have never put them in harms way!

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