Steven Hughes Henning (8456)

10/24/2013: Police were called after an act of arson was committed by a man in front of a bus station. When police made contact with the suspect, Steven Henning, he refused to extinguish the fire acted aggressively and violently resisted arrest. Henning attempted to steal the officers' police car, and was subdued by pepper spray. Afterward, he violently resisted arrest again, grabbed an officer's Taser, and then fled on foot. The Weed Police, Siskiyou Sheriff’s office and California Highway Patrol searched for Henning and found him near a freeway overpass. After an attempt to subdue him with a law enforcement canine unit, Henning continued to violently resist arrest and attempted to injure the canine. The officer and deputy discharged their firearms and Henning was killed.[18][19]

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