Tere David King (9073)

4/28/2014: The Oregon State Police is investigating a fatal shooting by an Athena police officer who killed a suspect Monday involved in an earlier eluding incident. Athena police Sgt. Erik Palmer shot and killed Tere David King, 55, of Athena on Pambrun Road just east of town. Primus said Palmer had spotted King’s vehicle and was going to arrest him for an eluding incident from Saturday. Palmer was waiting for backup when King drove toward him to leave the scene. Palmer then disabled King’s vehicle by shooting the tires, Primus said. After King’s vehicle was disabled, Palmer reported the suspect got out of his vehicle with a firearm, which is when the officer shot and killed him. http://m.union-bulletin.com/news/2014/apr/29/update-investigation-continues-athena-mans-fatal-s/?templates=mobile

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