Tim Leitz (14022)

11/4/2004: Police were called to Leitz's home to investigate a domestic disturbance, police said. Leitz pulled out a shotgun and pointed it at his wife and infant. The wife ran out of the house to the nearby home of an off-duty Gwinnett officer, and a 911 call was made. A police negotiator pleaded with Leitz to surrender for nearly three hours, but he refused. Finally, Leitz tried to flee by backing his truck out of the driveway. Leitz pointed a gun at officers and allegedly fired a shot. The officers shot and killed Leitz. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sZXxHQWDv7hHj2cYLgPlWtwAwggzTn3pahL4owAIvTo/edit?usp=sharing

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