Timothy Hill (9250)

6/12/2014: Timothy's mother reports that the officer harassed Timothy prior to Timothy's death. On night of incident, officer claims that Timothy was vandalizing his property. Officer chased Timothy and a struggle began. A bystander intervened. At some point, officer used mace. Bystander testimony changed over time and some sources say that bystander was threatened by officer that he must corroborate with officer's story or meet same fate as Timothy. Bystander originally claimed that officer was standing over Timothy when Timothy was shot and unofficial sources at time of death say that Timothy was shot in the back of the head, twice. I have no information about official autopsy report. Incident occurred in small town and was said to create quite a stir there with most of the town siding with Timothy. Officer was reported to have harassed and threatened several people who drove down the road that officer lives on for months after Timothy's death. http://www.wvgazette.com/article/20140616/GZ01/140619437

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