Timothy Vessels (11421)

2/10/2016: Timothy Vessels was wanted in Jefferson County for possession of a firearm and forced burglary. He was on federal supervised release with pending violations. An investigation led the U.S. Marshals to Ladd Avenue around 11:45 where Vessels and a female associate, also wanted by the law, were believed to reside. Before arriving at the house, a Deputy Marshal noticed Vessels was a passenger in a car near the home. The two Deputy Marshals conducted a traffic stop. Vessels refused to comply with the traffic stop and, while seated in the car, pulled a gun out and pointed it at the Marshals. In response to the threat, the U.S. Deputy Marshals shot and killed Vessels. http://www.lex18.com/story/31189421/us-marshal-involved-shooting-in-louisville

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