Troy Wayne Epperley (6870)

5/31/2012: Officers were called to help a suicidal subject. He came out with a gun. From the police report: “Officer <redacted> knew from his training and experience that action-versus-reaction dynamics meant that Officer <redacted> and he were in no position to be able to react to Epperley if he decided to start shooting at officers. Officer <redacted> made the decision that he felt that his life, as well as Officer <redacted> were in danger so he pulled the trigger on the AR-15 patrol rifle that he was pointing at Epperley. This was done to stop the deadly threat they were confronted with. When the rifle failed to fire and function properly, Officer <redacted> what he has been trained to do and that was a 'Tap-and-Rack' procedure to clear the weapon and make it functional.” It is unclear from the report whether this officer was the one who shot and killed Epperley.

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