Vincent McConnell (2446)

10/5/2004: While at the police station early Tuesday afternoon, the teen asked to go to the bathroom, and his handcuffs were removed. McConnell was allowed to use a private bathroom instead of the secure one in the holding cell. While in the bathroom, he unscrewed the security gate over the window, climbed out, and ran south down Court Street while police pursued on foot, cars, and motorcycles, police said. He ran through the Hoboken Train Terminal to the south side of the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail Station. There, according to police, he climbed over the rail, where he stood for a moment. Police said they pleaded for the teen not to jump. They said he yelled "I'm not going back to jail. As he fell, police tried to grab him, but according to police reports, he pushed them away. McConnell could not swim and quickly went underneath the surface of the water. According to police, one officer took off his belt and lowered it to the teen, but he couldn't grab it. Mayor David Roberts said that no officer jumped in after McConnell because of concerns about the swift Hudson currents and undertow. He drowned.

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