Volne Lamont Stokes (1640)

5/27/2003: Officers were dispatched for a suspicious person sitting inside a vehicle call. Stokes was seated in a 1997 silver Acura. A female officer walked up to the left side of the vehicle and made contact with Stokes. Stokes got out of his vehicle and began advancing on her. Stokes had a knife in his right hand and a screwdriver in his left hand. A male officer arrived. Both officers yelled at him to drop the weapons. Stokes turned from the female and advanced on the male, while both officers shouted commands at him. When Stokes was about 10 feet away from him, the male officer fired three or four shots. The female also fired her weapon. Stokes fell down and then tried to stand up. Stokes dropped the knife, but continued to hold the screwdriver as he then collapsed back on to the ground. He died from the bullet wounds. http://www.cityofriverside.org/cprc/OIDs/OID%20Public%20Reports/Stokes.pdf

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