Wayne Patrick Anderson (1627)

5/13/2003: Emergency dispatchers received a call from a man who reported his housemate had been stabbed, then abducted by her ex-boyfriend, police said. Police spotted Anderson's Nissan sport utility vehicle. Officers Ben Hoster and Kary Sitzmann, a six-month recruit, followed. Anderson evaded the police car by heading into a neighborhood, then making a U-turn and parking with the vehicle facing west, police said. The kidnapped woman ran out of the SUV bleeding from the chest. Anderson stepped out of the vehicle and approached Hoster from about 60 feet away, police said. When Anderson was about 10 feet away, he reached behind his back. Hoster fired, hitting him three times in the torso, killing him. http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/news/article_c1dc3696-4524-510a-b514-b209c565e0ba.html

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